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New…Bunting Print

Friday, June 28, 2013

Buning Cushions1

Bunting is a fun and playful design by Laura Jones for EDIT. Now available in store in small and large.

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5 Minutes with…Elise Pioch

Friday, June 21, 2013


To celebrate the arrival of boutique candle brand Maison Balzac to our store, we spent some time with Maison Balzac founder, Elise Pioch, to find out about her candle collection and her ideas about what makes a house a home.


What is the main source of inspiration behind the Maison Balzac collection?

I had an extremely happy childhood in the South of France, where my parents and grand parents, the Balzac side of my family, surrounded me with simple pleasures, mainly nature and food related. I wanted to capture these memories in wax, to be able to share them with as many people as possible.


How did you interpret these ideas and inspiration into creating this sophisticated line of candles?

I basically remembered a typical Sunday at home, where my day would start with a freshly squeezed orange juice (Le Soleil), followed by a bath infused with fresh lavender (Le Sud), then I would go cut some roses in my grand mothers garden (La Rose), most Sundays I would go to church with her (L’Eglise) and after the big family lunch we would go for a long walk in the Mediterranean bush (Le Bois).

Once the 5 scents were created I designed the simplest packaging with the brightest colors, as I wanted to go straight to the point in a chic but playful way.


How important is scent to a home?

The best scents are the natural ones in a home: a wooden floorboard, a window open on a jasmine bush, a leather couch. But it’s also such a pleasure to add a personal touch, be it with a candle, a room spray or flowers. It surrounds you and makes you feel good, how magical is that!


What do you do in your spare time…what things do you love to do?

I love being surrounded by nature, I love to cook, bake, sleep and dream! I do all these things every weekend when I am in my country house, an 1880’s converted church situated on the Hawkesbury River. The natural scents of my home and the surrounding bush are incredible.


Do you have a favourite room/space in your home?

I love the living room where the Sydney Blue Gum floorboards ooze Australian history and the split-levels, where the altar used to be, make it very special. The high ceiling and huge gothic windows overlooking a 200-year-old Gordonia tree outside make me feel like I am in a fairy tale, every weekend.


Who in the past or present has been your greatest inspiration?

My grand mother and mother will remain my biggest inspirations but people like David Lynch, Jean Cocteau, Coco Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent have impressed me since I was very young.


Do you dream in colour or black and white?

In colour, it’s so much fun!


Sweet or savoury?

Sweet sweet sweet!! If I could eat sweets for breakfast lunch and dinner I would be the happiest girl on the planet!!


What your favourite travel destination?

Home which is Beziers in the South of France, Cadaques, a fishing village in the North of Spain and the Hawkesbury!


Top 5 tips on decorating a house to make it a home?

1. Lighting is key to me, simple or extravagant table lamps are a must.

2. Curtains set the mood of any room, plain or printed they need to be of the best quality to fall beautifully.

3. Fresh flowers bring the nature inside, bouquets simply made with garden flowers or bush branches are the best.

4. The smell of a cake baking in the oven is the best way to make a house feel like home!

5. Candles, perfumed or unscented, bring that little flickering light in a home that makes one feel immediately comfortable.



Maison Balzac is now in store at EDIT.

‘Le Bois’ and ‘L’Eglise’ candles, $45. Glass dome, $40.


Portrait photographed by Chris Morris, styled by Ilona Hamer.

Elise’s house photographed by Rachel Kara, featuring EDIT’s ‘Jewels’ lamp.

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Inspirational People…Tilda Swinton

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


We’ve long admired Tilda Swinton’s ethereal beauty and sense of style. Her willingness to collaborate draws out the best from other creatives to produce an arresting body of work. From high end editorial shoots to pop music videos, Tilda effortlessly transforms between genres.


Stranger Than Paradise by Tim Walker for W Magazine, May 2013.


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Inspiration…Time Tells by Diana Blok

Friday, June 14, 2013

diana block

Diana Blok’s autobiographical project Time Tells is a beautiful exploration of her family history. Through photographs, film and sound she documents possessions left behind by her mother and father. By doing so she learns more about her parents and uncovers forgotten memories. The resulting black and white images of her mother’s handmade garments and her father’s photographs are personal and poignant. Read more about the project and view more images on her website.

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We Love…View on Colour

Friday, June 7, 2013


Li Edelkoort’s View on Colour publication titled Fetish has a great collection of images that explore themes of fetishism, shamanism, alchemy, astrology and black magic. Edelkoort always brings together creative talents that produce powerful images and the Fetish issue is no exception.


Images by Thomas Straub

From Trend Tablet

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We Love…Salted Caramel

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Salted Caramel1

When in Paris, note how popular salted caramel is. The sweet, delicious treat seems to be everywhere. Here is a particularly good version by Nigella Lawson.



5 tablespoons best-quality unsalted butter

¼ cup soft light brown sugar

¼ cup superfine sugar

3 tablespoons golden syrup or corn syrup

½ cup heavy cream

1 teaspoon fleur de sel



1. Melt butter, sugars and syrup and butter in a small heavy based pan and let simmer for 3 minutes, swirling every now and again.

2. Add cream and half a teaspoon of fleur de sel salt (not table salt!) and swirl again, give a stir with a wooden spoon and taste – go cautiously so that you don’t burn your tongue – to see if you want more salt before letting it cook for another minute on the stove, then pour into a jug for serving.

3. Now you’ve got your sauce, you’re ready to take your next steps: eating it. My suggestions are as follows: In the first instance, and for ease, just dribble it over vanilla ice cream. But next up, please consider adding a warm brownie (regular, not the bacon ones) to this pairing. Or drizzle over chocolate melting-bellied fondant puddings or chocolate cake. Or pour over clotted cream and Christmas pudding. But it is not just this realm that welcomes the sauce: it makes a divine and rakishly chic accompaniment to apple crumble, apple cake or simple baked apple.


Recipe by Nigella Lawson

Images by Julie Marie Craig

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